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Grizzly Speaks

Graham Leathers
25 December
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I am a man of diversified interests and a transplanted Canadian. An alien here to observe and ask questions. I have done just about everything from professional acting to bald eagle research. I have a diploma in communications with a strong background in performing in every area. I have worked as a mime, balloon sculptor, juggler, singer/songwriter, comedian, actor and musician. I currently work at a menial labour job which pays well and affords me the time to pursue my passions. I also act as an extra in movies and voice radio dramas. I used to sing lead and play guitar, bodhran and 5-string banjo for the no longer extant Porch Climbers. A resident Celtic-rock band from my old home town of Winnipeg.
I love dogs and I have been deloping a specila fondness for the herding breeds, like collies, shelties, Australian shepherds and border collies.